You think I'm kidding?

I'm not.

The abandoned Turnpike in the upper-center of the picture framed by the current Turnpike in the foreground


The westen portal of Ray's Hill Tunnel...repaved "mini-lanes" on the left are from the STAR testing in the late '80s

The "light at the end of the tunnel" looking west out of the depths of Ray's Hill

The rather neutered -looking eastern portal of Ray's Hill, the Herve Villechaize of the Turnpike's tunnels, with only one set of ventilation equipment at the other end


Looking west between Ray's Hill and Sideling Hill...the condition of the highway in this area is about as good as it gets


The westen portal of Sideling Hill Tunnel, longest of the Turnpike's original seven tunnels


Close-up at Sideling Hill Tunnel...the loose stone retaining wall at the left possibly dates from the South Penn railroad of the 1880s


A stenciled instruction on the pavement in front of Sideling Hill that doesn't make much sense given that cars are not allowed on the abandoned Turnpike


Looking west at the mouth of Sideling Hill Tunnel...note the recessed lighting in the partition wall on the left and the channelized entrance to the tunnel


Looking west at the Cove Valley Service Plaza parking lot...the small grove of trees located at the farther down the lot marks the site of the demolished Howard Johnson's restaurant


A history lesson in pavement: Two separate layers of asphalt from resurfacing projects cover what appears to be the original concrete slab from 1940


Looking west near the eastern end of the abandoned Turnpike...hundreds of years ago, the operators of toll roads used a wooden log called a "pike" that would be turned away to allow paying customers to enter the road, hence the name "turnpike"



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